Elastix Upgrade

We have a simple and seamless migration from your Elastix 2.5 to our UCX 5.0. If you have concerns over your future with Elastix 2.5 we can help. Our UCX platform offers a simple backup and restore migration from the uncharted waters of Elastix 2.5 to our vibrant, fully supported solution. And you will be able to take advantage of our on-going innovation and organized support structure.

It is easy and very cost effective to migrate from your current Nortel system over to UCX.

Save $ by retaining your current telephony devices and avoiding significant user retraining.

Support for both SIP clients and UCX protocol for more advanced features and capabilities.

Take advantage of advanced features and applications of an established solution that is actively growing and supported.

Value Comparison of UCX 5.0 and Elastix 2.5

Devices UCx 5.0 Elastix 2.5 Asterisk
SIP Telephones
Nortel Digital and IP Telephones    
WebRTC Client w/ Instant Msg. and Presence    
Features and Applications      
Call Center Queues
Browser-Based Call Center Reporting    
Call Center Wallboard    
Voicemail / IVR
Unified Messaging
Hospitality Interface    
TAPI Interface    
Conference Bridge
Unlimited SIP Trunks
Ready-To-Provision Appliance    
Virtualized Servers
Shared Call Appearances    
Extendable Hardware Warranty    
Fax To Email
Scheduled Announcements    
Reports - Ext. / Missed Calls    
Card Management GUI    
Call Deatailed Reporting (CDR)
External CDR Interface    
Notifier Application    
911 On-Site Notification    
Enhanced Security with Certificate Based Authentication     
TLS & SRTP Signalling    
Support Module      
Packet Capture    
VPN Remote Access    
Event Viewer    
SNMP Alarm Generator    
Important Distinctions

Supports E-MetroTel provided H/W servers or customer provided servers.

Complete support for virtualized and multiple instances of UCX on customer provided servers.

Included 1yr. (extendable) H/W warranty.

Included 1 yr. (extendable) unlimited support and S/W upgrades and updates.

Support for Nortel IP and digital, and generic SIP telephony devices.

Shared Call Appearances.

Advanced WebRTC client for browser-based on the go communications.

E-MetroTel developed custom applications.

Contact Center Agent Profile with Login / Logout and Ready / Not Ready keys.

Centralized VPN Management for supporting multiple systems.

SNMP alarms with notification services.

Advanced Mobility

Work anywhere with our full featured browser-based WebRTC client. All that you need is your laptop, PC, mobile device, and internet access.

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