Imagine if the whole team was at your fingertips…

Regardless of where and how they work.

Take teamwork to new heights with InfinityOne.

Think of it as your team hub, your message board, your conference room, and your watercooler.

InfinityOne is the hub of all of your business communications. Everyone has access, and everyone communicates via private messaging, project rooms, file sharing, video, and advanced voice (because sometimes simply talking to someone gets the job done quicker).

InfinityOne is your company message board. Everyone can post their ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or whatever needs to be said into easy to create rooms that can be as small as two people or as large as everyone in the organization.

InfinityOne is your multi-person, multi-location, 24/7/365 conference room. Teams, work-mates, or the whole organization can get together from anywhere and share ideas, share thoughts, and share files in project or team rooms. And when needed, anyone or everyone can setup, initiate, and host voice conference calls with the sophisticated InfinityOne voice handling capabilities.

InfinityOne is your office watercooler. Along with helping you communicate to do serious business InfinityOne can also allow everyone in the office or organization to build and maintain personal relationships. From birthdays and anniversaries, to sports scores and current events, the ease of creating rooms to communicate allows everyone to catch-up and keep-up.

Sleep well at night knowing that all of those messages are secure.

Your data belongs to you! (We think that you will agree with that). That is why InfinityOne messages are encrypted. AND – if your service is in the cloud you have your own instance of the server software (i.e. it’s just your company alone on the software instance).

You also have the option of running the service on a server in your office (and the data is still encrypted and only belongs to you).

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