Basic Tool Tips

Main Interface

You can access several basic functions and information about your UCx from the top right corner of the Web-based Configuration Utility.


From the user icon, you can access the following functionality:

  • Change UCx Password - to change the password of the current user
  • Logout (xxxxx) - to logout the current user where xxxxx is the current username  


From the search icon, you can locate modules by typing the module name. The example below shows a search for modules with the name "fax".


From the information icon, you can get details about your UCx and other useful references.


Shows the versions of the different packages on the UCx.

Copyright information with regards to the packages used can be viewed here:

E-MetroTel Website

Redirects to the E-MetroTel website in a new browser window.

UCx Forum on Tek-Tips

Redirects to the UCx Forum in a new browser window.

About UCx

Gives a brief description of UCx.


From the colour icon, you can change the colour of your interface from the colour palette selector presented.

Module Interface

At the top right corner of each module, there are several useful functions available.

 Leave a Note

From the note icon, you can leave a note for yourself or for the next administrator logging in to the UCx.
After entering your note, click on the Save Note button.
If you want the note to automatically pop-up the next time you visit this tab, select the AutoPopup box.

The note icon will change colour if there is text entered in the note.

 Hide/Show Left Panel

This icon will toggle between hiding and showing the left panel.

 Add Bookmark

If there is a module that you visit frequently, clicking on the bookmark icon while you are in that module will add a bookmark link to the module. Bookmarks are listed on the left panel.

 Show Help

Clicking on the help icon will bring up the help window for the module that you are currently in.