Batch of Extensions

The Extensions Batch page allows you to import or update extensions using a CSV formatted file. The page also provides the option to delete all extensions.

To access the page, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select Batch Configuration
  3. From the left side colum, select Batch of Extensions

Note: The page works for SIP and IAX2 extensions only. It cannot be used for Nortel extensions (IP or digital).

Exporting Extensions

Select the Download the current extensions in CSV format link to download a CSV file template, which will contain all currently defined extensions, but can also be used as a base template.

Column Description
Display Name Name to display for this extension
User Extension The extension number
Direct DID Number to call from external source for direct inward dialing to reach this extension
Outbound CID CLID number seen on outbound calls
Call Waiting Set to either: ENABLED or DISABLED
Secret Password for this extension
Voicemail Status Set to either: ENABLED or DISABLED
Voicemail Password Password to access the voicemail box
VM Email Address Email address that voicemails are sent to
VM Pager Email Address Pager/mobile email address that voicemail notifications are sent to
VM Options Separate options with pipe ( | ). For example: review=yes|maxmessage=60
VM Email Option whether voicemail is sent to email or not. Set to either: yes or no
VM Play CID Option whether caller's phone number is played before message. Set to either: yes or no
VM Play Envelope Option whether time date is played before message. Set to either: yes or no
VM Delete Vmail Option whether to delete voicemail when sent to email address. This gives you option of receiving voicemail via email only. Set to either: yes or no
Context This is voicemail context. Do not change from the default. Enter: from-internal
Tech The type of extension. Enter either: sip or iax2
Callgroup Callgroup for which the device belongs. This is a value between 0 and 63.
Pickupgroup List of callgroups which the device can initiate pickup. Separate values by comma, and use dash for ranges. For example: 0,3-8,13
Disallow If set to all will disallow all codecs. This is used if you want to specify a codec on the Allow parameter.
Allow Specifies what codec to use. You must set the Disallow parameter to all. Set to gsm or ulaw or alaw.
Deny Denies traffic from the specified IP address. Set as IP Address/Subnet Mask
Permit Allows traffic from the specified IP address. Set as IP Address/Subnet Mask
Record Incoming Setting for recording incoming calls. The values are: Always, On Demand or Never
Record Outgoing Setting for recording outbound calls. The values are: Always, On Demand or Never

Importing Extensions

In the CSV file, you must provide at least the following 4 columns: Display NameUser ExtensionSecret, and Tech. Other fields can be left blank.

Select the Choose File button to bring up the browser to select the file to import.

Select the Upload CSV File button to upload the selected extensions CSV file into the system.

Deleting Extensions

Select the Delete All Extensions button to delete all extensions. All corresponding voicemail boxes and voicemail messages will also be deleted.

This action does not delete Nortel extensions.

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