Bulk Add Nortel Extensions

Besides adding a single Nortel extension at a time, the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility also allows the administrator to use an existing Nortel extension as a template to create one or multiple Nortel extensions at the same time.  The new extension(s) are created with the same configuration as the template extension including items such as the extension type, number of line appearances, call waiting configuration, button configuration and others.

To configure Nortel extension(s) using an existing Nortel extension as a template, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Extensions
  4. From the right hand column, select Bulk Add (Nortel)


  1. On the Bulk Add page, enter the number of the extension that you want to use as a template in the Template Extension field.
  2. Enter extension numbers and/or extension ranges in the New Extension Range field
    Use the dash character to define a range (e.g. 630-633), use the comma character as the separator for extension numbers and extension ranges (e.g. 620, 625, 630-633).
  3. Press the Prepare Template button.


  1. On the Bulk Add template page, configure extension specific values such as the Display Name and MAC Address
  2. Once all extension specific values are properly configured, press the Create Extensions button to create the Nortel extension(s).

Displaying Other Extension Fields

The list of fields presented on the template page is based on the configuration of the template extension.
For example, if you want the Voicemail Password and Email Address fields to be displayed, then the template extension should have both these fields configured.

If you want the Hotdesking Password field to be displayed, then configure hotdesking password for the template extension.

Migrating Extensions from M1/CS1000

Information related to extensions can be collected from a M1/CS1000 system and then imported into the UCx Server using the Bulk Add feature.

Please refer to CS1000 Extension Migration to UCx page for details.

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