Configure Second Network Port

Enable and configure the Second Network Interface Port and the DHCP Server on the UCx server (50, 450, 1000) for use as a Voice LAN.

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select Network
  3. From the left side column, select Network Parameters
  4. Select the Ethernet_1 port and verify the Interface Type is Static, IP address is and Network Mask is
  5. Press the Apply changes button if you made any changes.
  6. From the left side column, select DHCP Server
  7. Fill in the following fields:
    • Starting IP Address =
    • Ending IP Address = (make sure the range does not include 200)
    • Lease Time = 43200
    • Gateway = (IP address of the UCx Server Ethernet_1 port) 
  8. Press the Save/Update button.
  9. Press the Enable DHCP button to activate the DHCP server.

Network Diagram showing separate Voice LAN

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