Configuring E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels (SIP Trunks)


Note: E-MetroTel is officially registered as an Interconnected VoIP provider with the FCC in the United States and as a Basic International Telecommunications Services provider with the CRTC in Canada.
Warning: It is imperative that any outbound CID (Calling Line ID) sent on 911 calls is registered with an associated address with the local Emergency PSAP Database that would receive that 911 call. If a 911 call is placed on E-MetroTel Trunk and does not have a registered address associated with the CID that was sent, the reseller will be liable and billed $500 for the incident. For details on E-MetroTel SIP DID Registration, refer to E-MetroTel SIP Trunk E911 Registration; this document also provides links to additional documentation that would be useful for other 911 configuration with other trunk providers.


  1. PSTN SIP Channel: When you buy a SIP Trunk from E-MetroTel, you specify the number of simultaneous PSTN calls you require (incoming or outgoing). Each simultaneous call is considered a PSTN SIP channel.
  2. E-MetroTel SIP Trunk: A single SIP Trunk must be configured in the UCX software that is used to provide signaling between the UCX and the desired country-specific E-MetroTel SIP Trunk PSTN Point of Presence (POP). This single trunk is used for all the PSTN SIP Channels purchased from E-MetroTel.

Ordering E-MetroTel SIP Channels

You order E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels through the Quotations and Ordering tool on the E-MetroTel Partner Portal. SIP Channels are identified as part number: EVSPTN-MC (PSTN SIP Channel).

After you have ordered one or more PSTN SIP Channels from E-MetroTel (and submitted payment) you will receive an email similar to the following:

Note: E-MetroTel SIP Trunks typically are processed and ready to configure and use within 12 to 24 hours after completing the ordering process on the Partner Portal. This processing time also applies to all Service Changes initiated through the Partner Portal.

Install the updated UCX License

Adding E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels to a UCX system requires that you update the License on the UCX prior to beginning the configuration process. Once you have completed the purchase of the PSTN SIP Channels using the Quotations and Ordering Tool, refer to License Retrieval for steps required to update the license with the latest information.

To verify that the E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels license tag is included in the applied license, check that the Product Code includes the license tag SC:n, where n = SIP Channels, which is the number of E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels requested in the Quotations and Ordering Tool. In the example below, the SIP Channels is 4.

Note that in UCX Cloud systems, the number of SIP Channels ("n") will be the same as the number of licensed extensions.

Configure a SIP Trunk for the E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels

E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels require a SIP Trunk to be created between the UCX software and E-MetroTel's SIP Point of Presence (located in either US or Canada). The SIP Trunk configuration provides the signaling information to carry the number of subscribed PSTN SIP Channels.

E-MetroTel SIP Trunks can be quickly provisioned on the UCX through the IP Trunk Assistant.

  1. Navigate to the IP Trunk Assistant  by clicking on the PBX top-level menu and then click on IP Trunk Assistant sub menu.
  2. Click on New Account
  3. Enter a reference name for the account in the Account Name (do not use any spaces!)
  4. In the Trunk Provider drop-down box, select either E-MetroTel (CA POP) or E-MetroTel (US POP) based on the country that the UCX system is operating in.
  5. Enter the Customer Phone Number assigned in the email and add a leading digit of 1 as the Outbound CallerID
  6. Click Save

The IP Trunk Assistant will create the SIP trunk and immediately Enable it for use. Note that the Context will automatically update with the Account Name appended (i.e. it will change to: "from-trunk-sip-accountname"). If you edit the account in the SIP Trunk Assistant you will see the modified Context:


Configure the Inbound Route(s)

For any Inbound Routes that you build that are associated with this SIP Trunk, ensure that the DID number(s) are preceded with the digit 1 as all DIDs from E-MetroTel SIP Trunks are 11 digits in length including the leading 1.


The complete instructions for configuring an Inbound Route are provided in Inbound Routes.

Configure the Outbound Route(s)

For any Outbound Routes that you build that are associated with this SIP Trunk, ensure that the system will send 11 digits, including the leading 1 digit. This can be accomplished by 1) enforcing users to always dial the leading 1 digit or 2) to create Dial Patterns that prepend the 1 digit if only 10 digits are dialed. Both of these scenarios can be configured together in the same outbound route as follows:


The first three entries above will automatically insert the digit that has been included in the prepend field whenever 10 digit dialing has been detected, resulting in 11 digits being sent. The fourth entry above recognizes when 11 digits have been dialed with a leading 1 digit and will send all 11 digits automatically.

The complete instructions for configuring an Outbound Route are provided in Outbound Routes.


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