Customer Assurance Services Portal

Customer Portal is currently being transitioned over to Help Desk Portal.


Access to E-MetroTel's Customer Assurance Services Portal (Customer Portal) is provided to our valued partners to directly submit service & support related items to the E-MetroTel Assurance Support Services team. Each item entered opens a ticket that gets directly submitted to our team of assurance support experts.

​Tickets can be opened for any product related issues including technical support, product improvements, trouble tickets, perceived product deficiencies, and documentation related issues.


Access to the customer portal is provided to partners who have completed their UCx Technical Training and have passed the UCx Technician Certification Exam.

Requesting Access

To request for access to E-MetroTel's Customer Assurance Services Portal (Customer Portal), send an email to [email protected], providing your full name, email address, your company name and your role. 

You will then receive a welcome email with your login credentials and the URL link to the customer portal.


Accessing the Portal

To acccess the customer portal, click on the link provided in your welcome email or enter the following URL address in your browser:

The recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You can now login to the portal using the credentials from the welcome email.

Portal Overview

The default page shown when you login is the HOME page. There are a few functions provided at the top menu bar that is common across all tabs.

User Profile

At the top right hand corner, you can click on the user icon to access your user Profile, Change Password and to Logout of the portal.


If you click on the search icon, it will expand and present the search field where you can enter your keyword to search. The search starts once you have at least 3 characters and the results appear immediately below as a drop-down list for your selection.

HOME page

From the HOME page, there are 3 buttons for easy access to frequently used functions on the right side column:

  • Upload a Document
  • Create a New Ticket
  • View Open Tickets

Uploading a Document

You can access the document upload function from 3 places:

  • HOME page
  • DOCUMENTS page
  • TICKETS page (Note: ticket must be created first)

The maximum size of the file that you can upload is 25 MB.
To view a list of all the documents that you have uploaded, go to the Documents tab.


Creating a New Ticket

IMPORTANT: Prior to opening a ticket, please verify that the UCx system and other assets, as applicable, are on the latest software or firmware release available and have active assurance service contracts.

You can add a new ticket from 2 places:

  • HOME page
  • TICKETS page

The information that you will need to provide when you add a new ticket are as follows:

Title Enter the END CUSTOMER NAME followed by a descriptive title.
Status The values that you would select for a new ticket are: Open or RMA.
Priority You select the priority based on the impact to the customer's business: 
Urgent: System is down, not processing calls
High: Feature not working as expected impacting customer's daily operations
Normal: Feature not working as expected, not affecting daily operations, but affecting ability to perform certain tasks.
Low: Undesirable operation of a feature but does not affect ability to perform tasks
Severity You select the severity based on the importance or type of issue:
License Request: Request for new license
Product Improvement: Request for improvement of existing product or feature
Critical: Critical to the customer's business operations
Feature: Request for new feature
Major: Important to the customer's business operations
Minor: Not that important to the customer's business operations

Product Description
 and SW Release

The following information needs to be included:
  • UCx Type
  • Software Release
  • Problem Description
Primary Email Your primary contact email
Call Back Number Your primary contact number
Ticket Updates Email 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Any additional email addresses for ticket update notification.

NOTE: This is only for those with Customer Portal accounts who want to view the ticket. Email addresses of end customers or dealers without customer portal access should not be entered here.

VPN Remote Access IP Address VPN IP address for remote access.
Asset Number or Host ID Enter the asset number or copy the Host ID from the License page
Ticket Description-include steps taken to resolve Include the following information:
  • Steps to duplicate the problem
  • Date/Time and frequency of occurrence


Updating a Ticket

Click on the Tickets tab at the top menu bar to access the TICKETS page. From here, you can view your own tickets (Mine) or all tickets (All) from your organization.

By default, All Tickets are displayed in the list. You can filter by selecting from the pull-down list the available statuses.

To view the details of a ticket, just click on the ticket title.

From the ticket details page, the ticket information is shown on the left side. On the right side, you can view and access various functions:

Edit Ticket

Clicking on the Edit Ticket button will allow you to change the information in all the fields.

Attach document

Clicking on the Attach document to this ticket button will allow you to upload log files, screenshots or backup files for this ticket.


The Updates tab shows all the changes made to the ticket since creation.


The Comments tab allows you to add comments to the ticket and also view all comments entered by you and the Support Services team.


The Documents tab lists all the documents that are attached to this ticket.

Close Ticket

When the ticket is resolved, you can simply close the ticket by clicking on the Mark as closed button.

The Customer Portal retains a list of al tickets that are relevant to your organization and each ticket is updated every time comments or status changes are made.
Please be alert and prompt with your updates and responses until the ticket is resolved and closed by you or the Support Services team.

Known Issues

  1. If you are having problems viewing information in the portal, please clear your browser history and launch it again.
  2. If you are having problems when using Internet Explorer as the browser, please try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.