DSM16 - Web-based Configuration Utility

Connecting to the Web-based Configuration Utility

The following procedures are based on the DSM16p being assigned an IP address of

  1. In your Internet browser, enter the address of the Digital Station Module ( in our example).
  2. If you get a prompt that the website you are trying to access has a problem with its security certificate, select the option to proceed to the website.  You may want to install the Digital Station Module security certificates on your PC or add the Digital Station Module system to your browser's permanent exceptions list if you do not want to encounter this warning again (see Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for more information).
  3. The login page is displayed. Login using the default credentials:
    • Username = admin
    • Password = emetr0tel (please note that the ‘0’ is a numeric zero)
      If you already changed the administrator's password, use your password instead of the default.


Logging into the DSM16p for the First Time

The first time you log in to the DSM16, you will be prompted to change the password using the System / Users page.  


It is advisable to change this password to prevent unauthorized access.  Re-enter the Current Password (i.e. the default password), and enter your new password into the Password and Retype Password fields.  Click the Save button to exit.

The DSM16p does not enforce any password policies, so it is possible (although not recommended) to click the Cancel button to continue configuring the DSM16p.  If the password is not changed, the DSM16p will display a prompt in the Web-Based Configuration Utility reminding you that the default password is still in use.

DSM_FirstLogonScreen (after initial change).png