E-MetroTel Reseller Responsibilities

E-MetroTel relies on Value Added Resellers (Resellers) as our primary channel to market for our products and services. E-MetroTel recognizes that the Reseller is an independent contractor and their relationship with E-MetroTel is non-exclusive and that neither party is a legal partner, representative, employee, franchisee, or an agent of the other. This document describes the responsibilities that E-MetroTel expects of any reseller in representing E-MetroTel in such a role.

Reseller Organizational Obligations

The Reseller is expected to maintain the direct relationship with the customer. Therefore, the Reseller agrees to abide to the following:

  1. The Reseller is expected to use reasonable effort to market and promote E-MetroTel products.
  2. The Reseller is expected to employ a competent sales organization and provide appropriate facilities, tools and equipment to actively promote and resell E-MetroTel products.
    1. The Reseller must ensure that their sales organization understands the capabilities of the E-MetroTel portfolio well enough that E-MetroTel capabilities are not misrepresented to the customer.
    2. The Reseller must ensure that the appropriate people have access to, and understanding of, the E-MetroTel Partner Portal to enable accurate quotations and orders are generated.
  3. The Reseller is expected to employ a competent technical support organization and provide appropriate facilities, tools and equipment to install and support E-MetroTel products.
    1. The Reseller must ensure that their technical support organization understands how to properly install, configure, and support E-MetroTel products based on E-MetroTel's documentation and/or online or in-person training available.
    2. The Reseller should ensure that the appropriate people have access to the E-MetroTel Remote Access VPN service for the purpose of remote provisioning of Moves, Adds, and Changes and for troubleshooting the customer configuration.
    3. The Reseller must ensure that the appropriate people have access to, and an understanding of, the Partner Portal for the purpose of opening Trouble Tickets when required.
  4. The Reseller is expected to comply with and meet or exceed all applicable industry standards for sales and support of E-MetroTel products.
  5. The Reseller is expected to ensure that all employees use the same care and discretion to avoid disclosure, publication or dissemination of any information provided by E-MetroTel that is Confidential in nature that it uses with the Reseller’s own Confidential Information that it does not wish to disclose, publish or disseminate.   

Reseller Customer Interaction Obligations

As a trusted advisor to the Customer, Resellers of E-MetroTel products and services are expected to be the primary, direct contact with the Customer; as such the Reseller has an obligation to:

  1. Endeavor to generate sales of E-MetroTel Products and Services.
  2. Endeavor to ensure that the customer network environment is suitable to adequately support the deployment of E-MetroTel Products and Services with sufficient bandwidth and network performance.
  3. Endeavor to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to regularly backup any critical customer configuration information that would be required for any recovery efforts should the need arise.
  4. Provide Level 1 and Level 2 support to their End Users where:
    1. "Level 1 support” means acceptance, documentation, reporting and diagnosing of End User trouble calls.
    2. “Level 2 support” means troubleshooting Product configurations and interactions within End User site or with external facilities.
  5. When unable to resolve issues stemming from Level 1 and Level 2 support, the Reseller is expected to open a trouble ticket via the E-MetroTel Help Desk access account(s) provided for the Reseller.
    1. If the customer issue is of urgent nature, it is incumbent upon the Reseller to also attempt to reach the E-MetroTel Service Desk personnel via a phone call to the appropriate Service Desk number.
  6. Provide local "hands-on" support when requested to assist E-MetroTel technical support representatives while they are troubleshooting or otherwise endeavoring to resolve trouble tickets for systems covered under an active Subscription Support service agreement.
  7. Be responsible for addressing all warranty issues with its End Users and for that portion of any warranty which exceeds, whether in time or scope that provided for the applicable Product by E-MetroTel;
  8. Process any approved RMA in accordance with E-MetroTel RMA Policy;
  9. Support End Users due to Product failure or Product migration in accordance with E-MetroTel License Transfer Policy;
  10. Be responsible for customer satisfaction for all Reseller activities with its End Users.

 ​E-MetroTel Obligations

Provided that E-MetroTel has deemed that the Reseller understands it Roles and Obligations as identified above, E-MetroTel will provide the following to support the Reseller by

  1. Providing the Reseller the right to purchase E-MetroTel products and services for resale to End Users
  2. Enabling the Reseller with access to the E-MetroTel Partner Portal. The Partner Portal provides a mechanism for the Reseller to log in and gain access to the following tools:
    1. Infinity Phones Provisioning
    2. Product Documentation
    3. Product Presentations
    4. Quotation Tool - Configuration
    5. Quotation Tool - Ordering
    6. Videos
  3. Enabling the Reseller with access to the E-MetroTel Ticketing System and related support process
  4. Providing the Reseller with Level 3 support in response to problems reported through the E-MetroTel Support Ticket process as accessed through the Help Desk on the E-MetroTel Partner Portal, with an initial response time for newly opened tickets as indicated by the service level agreement parameters described in Subscription Services.
  5. Providing support to the Reseller for Hardware Warranty claims and/or the RMA process as deemed required due to Product failure or Product migration in accordance with E-MetroTel License Transfer Policy or any special programs as defined by E-MetroTel.
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