Endpoint Configurator (Release 4.5 and below)

The Endpoint Configurator will soon be decommissioned. We strongly recommend that you review your phone manufacturer's documentation for configuration instructions.


The Endpoint Configurator page allows you to discover SIP endpoints in your network, and to set/unset the model and extension for endpoints.

To display the list of available endpoints, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select Batch Configuration
  3. On the left side column, select Endpoint Configuration


To scan for endpoints on your network:

  1. Specify an IP address of a block of IP addresses in the IP address field.  The field is by default set to a block of IP addresses in your local subnet.  The value must be entered in the format aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/n (CIDR notation).
  2. To scan the specified block of IP addresses and to load a list of endpoints, press the Scan Network for Endpoints button.
  3. Discovered and/or configured endpoints are now shown on the page.  For each endpoint, you can select the specific phone model and configure the phone options.

To apply configuration changes to selected endpoints, select the desired endpoint(s) and press the Apply Configuration button.

To remove configuration for the selected endpoints,  select the desired endpoint(s) and press the Remove Configuration button.

To view the log file of the last endpoint configuration, press the View Log button.

To download the list of configurable endpoints, press the Download button. The supported file formats are: CSV, XML and CSV (nested0.

To upload a list of endpoints for configuration, press the Upload button. You will be prompted for the file location on your PC.

Configure Endpoints

You can directly configure the endpoint by selecting the link under the Options column. A separate Endpoint configuration window will be displayed with information provided in 5 tabs.




Custom Credentials

Custom Endpoint Properties