FXS 16-port Card - Initial Configuration

Note: Some operations such as Firmware Updates and Factory Resets may not work as expected when using browsers other than Chrome to connect to the management interface. E-MetroTel recommends the use of Chrome for access the web-based device management user interface.

Connecting to the FXS 16-port Card

Please refer to the Galaxy Expand - Initial Configuration for details on how to set up DHCP on the Galaxy server card prior to installing FXS 16-port cards in either the Galaxy Expand or Galaxy Express chassis. The same document identifies how to idenitfy the IP address of the FXS 16-port card after it has been powered on within the chassis.

Logging into the FXS 16-port Card

Begin by pointing you browser to the IP address identified in the previous section. The default username is admin. In most cases, the default password will be emetr0tel. Note that some older versions of FXS 16-port card firmware have a default password of admin.

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