FXS 16-port Card - Updating Firmware

This document provides the instructions for updating an FXS 16-Port Card to the latest software/firmware prior to beginning any customer-specific configuration.

Verify the Current Software version

After logging in to the FXS 16-Port configuration interface, check to verify the version of the software currently running on the card by navigating to the System / Information page:


  1. The Software Version is identified in the displayed list of information.
  2. If the Software Version shown is less than the current version (currently 1.1.33) and your UCX system is under active Software Assurance, contact E-MetroTel support for the latest FXS 16-Port card software release.

Update the FXS 16-Port Card Firmware 

After obtaining the latest software version (see above), you can proceed to update the software. Navigate to the System / Tools page:

  1. In the Upload Firmware section, click Choose File and select the software release you obtained from E-MetroTel in the previous section.
  2. In the same line, click System Update.
  3. After the file is uploaded the system will display an update status box:
  4. The firmware update process takes approximately 3 minutes and the system will reboot .
  5. The system may automatically connect to the System / Status page. If it does not, then close the browser window, and open the GUI on a new tab.
  6. Navigate to the System / Information page to verify that the Software Version  reflects the new status and that the Backup Configuration File Version with the same value.
  7. If the Backup Configuration File Version matches the installed firmware version, then proceed to the next section.
  8. If they do not match then in the Restore Configuration section, click on Factory Reset.
  9. Click OK on the Confirmation Dialog
  10. The FXS16 will proceed with the Factory Reset (Configuration Restore) for about 60 seconds. 
  11. The system may automatically connect to the System / Status page. If it does not, then close the browser window, and open the GUI on a new tab.

Verify the Card Configuration

To verify the operation of the new firmware

  1. Connect one or more analog phones to the device using the Amphenol 25 pair connector interface.
  2. Lift one of the handsets and check for dial tone. 
  3. If the dial tone is incorrect, navigate to the Analog / Advanced page.
  4. If the desired Country setting is already displayed, temporarily select a different country and click Save. After the save completes, re-select the desired country settings and click Save again.
  5. You may now proceed to configuring the system.
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