High Availability - Web-based Configuration Utility


When the High Availability cluster is enabled, always access the Web-based Configuration Utility via the configured Cluster IP address. This ensures access to the utility regardless of which node is active.

Two new High Availability pages are added and some pages are enhanced to allow the administrator to view and manage information for both nodes.

High Availability pages

High Availability - Console

The console page shows the current status of the 2 cluster nodes. The action to split the cluster is also performed on this page.

To split the cluster:

  1. Click on the Split Cluster button.
  2. Click on the OK button to confirm the split.
  3. The two UCx servers should now be accessed via their individual IP addresses.
If you have more than on HARC pair of servers on your network, you must ensure that more than one pair are not split for maintenance purposes at the same time.

High Availability - Cluster Setup

This is the page used to configure the High Availability cluster.

Enhanced pages

System - Network

On the Network Parameters page, the IP address of both Active and Standby UCx Servers are listed.

The following restrictions are applied when in a cluster:

  • Configuration of Ethernet 0 cannot be changed while the systems are in a cluster
  • Hostname cannot be changed while the systems are in a cluster

The IP address and the hostname of both nodes are used for communication between the nodes, hence they cannot be changed while in a cluster. If changes are needed, go the to High Availability Console page to split the cluster first.

System - Backup

On the Backup List page, backup to USB as a destination is not available in a cluster.

System - License

On both the License Details and Enter License pages, a new drop-down list is available to view and update licenses for both the Active and Standby nodes.

It is highly recommended to maintain the same product licenses on both nodes. For example if you add a new feature license on one node, make sure the same feature license is also added for the other node.

System - Shutdown

On the Shutdown page,  a new drop-down list is available to select the desired cluster node(s) to execute the Halt or Reboot action.

System - Updates

All software updates MUST be performed from the Web-based Configuration Utility, using the cluster IP address. 

If a update requires a reboot in order to take effect, you can proceed as follows:

Note that changing from Active to Standby will result in active calls being dropped. This action should be performed during off-hours if possible.


  1. Navigate to System/Shutdown (see above)
  2. Select Reboot, then select Standby Node from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Proceed
  4. Monitor the High Availability Console and watch for the Secondary Node to return to Active Status with the Inter-Node Link shown as Up, then click on Takeover on the Secondary entry.
  5. .
  6. Once the Secondary Node has become active (turned green), then you may proceed to the next step. 
  7. Navigate to System/Shutdown (see above)
  8. Select Reboot, then select Standby Node from the drop-down menu
  9. Click Proceed.
  10. Both systems will now have been rebooted without major interruption.

System - Packages

Packages cannot be added or removed while in a HA cluster.
If you need to install or uninstall packages, SPLIT the cluster first, then make the package changes on each node separately. 

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