Hospitality - Room Extensions

The Hospitality Room Extensions page identifies which extensions on the UCX are to be considered guest Rooms.


Designate the Extensions

To designate the extensions as Guest extensions:

  1. Navigate to the Accessories / Hospitality page and select Room Extensions from the left panel.
  2. Click on Add Extensions
  3. In the Extension Numbers field enter the extensions that are defined on the UCX that correspond to the physical hospitaility rooms. The in the Room Numbers field enter the room numbers that will be used by the PMS system, then click Save.
    HospAddExtensionsExample.pngNote that ranges can be entered using the "-" sign and a comma as a delimiter between extensions and/or ranges, with no spaces between any entries.
  4. Once you have saved, you will see all the UCX Hospitality Extension Numbers listed, as well as their corresponding PMS-associated Room Numbers. 
  5. This same panel also showns if a room is currently Vacant from a PMS perspective, or, it will display the guest name as delivered by the PMS. (Refer to Hospitality - Guest Name Conversion for details on how the UCX handles accented characters.
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