Hospitality - Wake Up Calls

The Hospitality functionality includes the ability to monitor wake up call requests that are sent from the PMS, from the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility (i.e. this page) or when configured directly from the room phone by dialing *68  on the DTMF keypad.

Note: This page is the same page that is accessed from the PBX / PBX Configuration page and selecting Wake Up Calls on the left hand menu.

The timezone and current system time is always reflected in the upper right corner of the page.

Schedule a new (Wake Up) call

This page can be used to schedule wake up calls using the UCX Extension number and entering a time and date and then pressing the SCHEDULE button.

Viewing Scheduled Calls


The Scheduled Calls table shows the currently scheduled Wake Up calls queued on the UCX. Viewers of this page can pres the Refresh Table button to update the table with all currently scheduled calls, or they may press the Delete button to remove an entry.


For detailed explanation of the Configuration Parameters, refer to Wake Up Call documentation.


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