Infinity 5000 Series - Converting from SIP to XSTIM via Cloud Provisioning


  • The Infinity phone MUST be on the latest SIP firmware version or higher.
  • The phone must have access to the internet.


This is an optional step to back up the SIP phone configuration file, so it can be restored later if reverting back to SIP.

  1. From the web interface, navigate to Management -> Configuration page.
  2. Save the XML or BIN file
    • Click Download XML file OR
    • Click Download BIN file

STEP TWO: Check Version


Firmware Version

  1. From the web interface, navigate to the Home page.
  2. Make sure the firmware version is or higher.
If you do not have the current firmware version, upgrade to the current firmware version first before proceeding to the next step. See Infinity 5000 Series - Auto Firmware Update.

STEP THREE: Add Phone to Provisioning Tool

The following steps describe how to add one phone to the provisioning tool.
To bulk add multiple phones via CSV file, see instructions on this page: XSTIM - No Touch Cloud Provisioning

  1. Login to the Partner Portal with your partner account. (
  2. From the Partner Portal, select Infinity Phones Provisioning.
  3. Select the reseller from the Reseller Name drop-down list.
  4. Enter the MAC Address of the phone. (The field accepts values with or without colons.)
  5. Enter the UCX SN of the UCx Server that the phone will be connecting to.
  6. Update the rest of the fields as needed.
  7. Click the  ADD  button to add the phone.

If the UCX Serial Number is not assigned to the selected reseller, or the MAC address of the phone cannot be found in the tool, please contact E-MetroTel support for assistance.

STEP FOUR: Configure Auto Update

The phone needs access to the internet to retrieve from E-Metrotel's public repository.

  1. From the web interface, navigate to Management -> Auto Provision page.
  2. Set Upgrade Mode to HTTP or HTTPS.
  3. Set Firmware Server Path to
  4. Set Config Server Path to
  5. Set AUTO Upgrade to Yes.
  6. If you have expansion modules connected, set Upgrade EXP Firmware to Yes.
  7. Set Upgrade Check Mode to Always Check for New Firmware.
  8. Click the SaveSet button



Power cycle the phone.
On booting up, the phone will automatically retrieve XSTIM firmware from the E-MetroTel repository and update the phone.