Infinity 5000 Series - Converting from XSTIM to SIP


IMPORTANT: The Infinity phone MUST be on the latest XSTIM firmware version or higher.
The phone has internet access to retrieve firmware from the E-Metrotel public repository.

STEP ONE: Configure Auto Update

  1. From the web interface, navigate to Management -> Auto Provision page.
  2. Set Upgrade Mode to HTTPS.
  3. Set Firmware Server Path to
  4. Set AUTO Upgrade to Yes.
  5. Optionally modify Check for upgrade every to the desired value. (default is 10080=7 days)
  6. Set Upgrade Check Mode to Always Check for New Firmware.
  7. Click the SaveSet button

STEP TWO: Update to SIP


  1. Access the phone menu (double press Conference key or double press Hold key depending on the phone model).
  2. Enter the default password 'admin'.
  3. Navigate to AP -> Firmware Upgrade
  4. Change Firmware Mode to SIP Firmware.
  5. Press Save softkey.
  6. Exit the phone menu.
  7. Power cycle the phone.
  8. On booting up, the phone will automatically retrieve SIP firmware from the E-MetroTel repository and update the phone.


If your phone fails to convert to SIP, try these steps:

  1. Make sure the phone is not listed in the Cloud Provisioning Tool. If the phone is listed in the tool, delete the phone from the provisioning tool.
  2. Make sure the network is not blocking access to E-Metrotel's public repository (
  3. Perform a factory reset of the phone and repeat the above steps to convert.