Infinity SIP - Expansion Module Firmware Update

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules are upgraded indirectly via the Infinity phone that it is connected to. The main Infinity phone has to first retrieve the firmware file for the expansion module, then the expansion module will retrieve the firmware file from the attached Infinity phone.

Perform these steps to enable automatic update of the expansion module firmware:

  1. Login to the Web Interface of the main phone that the expansion module is connected to.
  2. Navigate to Management -> Auto provision.
  3. Change the parameter Upgrade EXP Firmware to Yes.
  4. Change the parameter Self as Server to Yes.
  5. Click the SaveSet button.
  6. Reboot the main phone to immediately initiate the firmware update. Otherwise the update will occur as per the configured time period.

Follow these steps to check the firmware version of the expansion module:

  1. Navigate to Home -> Status
  2. Under the Expansion Module Version section, the firmware versions of all the attached expansion modules are listed together with the firmware version available on the phone.
  3. If the phone has a newer version of the firmware and the expansion module still has the older version (as in the example shown in screenshot above), then click on the Reboot button.
  4. Wait approximately 5 minutes, refresh the Home page and check that the firmware version on the expansion module matches the version on the phone.

Connect only one expansion module with one phone for upgrade.
DO NOT power off the phone during the upgrade. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the phone and expansion module.
If expansion module firmware did not upgrade successfully, please restart the expansion module to upgrade the firmware again.

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