Infinity SIP - Firmware Bulk Update from repository


The E-MetroTel Provision Tool is a windows-based software used to manage Infinity 5000 series phones. It is designed to make provisioning of Infinity phones conveniently by providing various functions, including batch firmware upgrades.


Operating Environment

Operating system: Windows 7 and later versions.
Display: Minimum 1280 X 800 pixels
Network: The Provision Tool must be in the same network as the Infinity phones to be provisioned.


Go to the E-MetroTel Provision Tool page to download and extract the provisioning tool onto your PC.

Firmware Upgrade Workflow

Step One: Start HTTP Server

  1. Launch the Provision Tool.
  2. From the Provision Tool, navigate to the Servers/Settings page
  3. Select the desired Network interface from the Network pull-down list, The selected network should be in the same subnet as the Infinity phones to be provisioned.
  4. Under HTTP Server, select option for External Server and in the Cfg Server Path field, enter the following path:
  5. Click on the Start button.

Step Two: Discover Devices on Network

From the Provision Tool, navigate to the Devices Online page and click on the Discover Devices button located at the bottom right corner.

To select a device from the list, click on the row number on the leftmost column. To deselect a device, click on the row number again. More than one device can be selected.

To upgrade all the selected devices, right click and select the Upgrade option.

All the selected devices will proceed with the firmware upgrade immediately. When the upgrade is completed, the devices will automatically reboot.

After selecting the Upgrade option, there is no visual indication that the firmware upgrade is occurring, it will take approximately 1-2 minutes for the upgrade to complete. After that the phones will automatically reboot.
Click on Discover Devices again to verify the firmware version running on the phones.