Infinity SIP - Phone Firmware Manual Update

Expansion module 5046 firmware cannot be updated manually. It must be updated via Auto Update.

STEP ONE: Obtain the latest Firmware versions

The latest released firmware versions can be downloaded from the E-MetroTel repository:

STEP TWO: Disable Auto Update

  1. Use Google Chrome web browser to access the phone's web interface
  2. Navigate to Management -> Auto Provision page.
  3. Remove and clear the Firmware Server Path field.
  4. Click the SaveSet button.

Note: This step is important, otherwise the phone will retrieve the firmware version from the firmware server path when the phone reboots in STEP THREE.

STEP THREE: Update Firmware

  1. Use Google Chrome web browser to access the phone's web interface
  2. Navigate to Management -> Upgrade page.
  3. Click the Choose File button in the ROM Firmware Upgrade field.
  4. Select the appropriate firmware file that was downloaded from STEP ONE for the Infinity phone.
  5. Click on the Upgrade button.
  6. Check the upload progress on the bottom left corner of the web browser, when the upload reaches 100% the phone will begin the firmware upgrade process.
  7. Once the firmware update is complete, the phone will automatically reboot.
  8. Do not power off the phone during the update.