InfinityOne - Backup and Restore

InfinityOne has its own secure Backup and Restore module. The following items can be backed up:

  • The MySQL database tables (encrypted)
  • Avatars directory (including uploaded avatars)
  • Sounds directory
  • Uploaded attachment files

Database Encryption

Before the backup feature can be used, a certificate must be created. This certificate is used to encrypt the database during backup and decrypt a backup during restore.

Future Enhancements:
  • InfinityOne Backup and Restore will be integrated into the UCx Backup and Restore module soon.


Your First Backup

  1. Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar is shown)
  2. Select Administration -> Backup and Restore 
  3. Click the Certificates  icon and click the CREATE button
  4. Click the Certificates icon again to download the certificate. Click the DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE button
  5. Click the Backup  icon 
  6. Select the desired options and click the CREATE BACKUP button
  7. Click the Name field of the backup file to download the file for disaster purposes


Restore a Backup

Before restoring a downloaded backup, you must first:

  • Upload the backup file to the server and place it in the /var/lib/infinity_one/backups directory.
  • Upload the downloaded certificate (if needed) and place it in the /var/lib/infinity_one/keys directory.
  • This can be done using the putty tool or another scp tool using the admin username and system’s admin password.


  1. Load the Administration -> Backup and Restore page
  2. Click the restore  icon under the Actions column
  3. Select the desired options to restore and click the RESTORE button

Backups can only be restored with the same certificate installed that was used to create the backup. The following is highly recommended.
  • After creating the certificate, download and store it in a secure location. Share it with another administrator.
  • Download newly created backups for save keeping. Since the database (everyone’s messages and more) is encrypted, the security requirements are not as high as the certificate.
  • Only the last backup needs to be archived for disaster recovery since the backup files are also stored on the Server.
Depending on the number of attachment uploads, the backup file can become very large. In this case, you may want to exclude "Attachment files" if creating frequent backups.
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