InfinityOne - Getting Started

Welcome to InfinityOne! Like any new tool, mastering InfinityOne will take some time, but once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

InfinityOne is designed on the premise that your best method of communication with individuals and groups depends both on the nature of the information you want to share and on the availability of the individual or groups that you want to share it with.  So the best method may take the form of voice calls, chat messages, and discussion boards or any combination of these.  InfinityOne is an E-MetroTel desktop application that brings these three forms of communication into a common user interface, allowing quick and simple decisions on the best way to communicate on one-to-one or multi-person discussions.

  • Why call someone when you can instantly tell they are on the phone or otherwise busy? With InfinityOne, you can decide immediately whether to call someone based on their presence information.  By being able to see if they are already busy on a call, you may decide to wait a few minutes until you see they are free before calling.  Or, you may still choose to call and leave a voice message, but the decision is in your hands.  You may also just send a chat message that they can deal with later, or perhaps they will prioritize your communication and call you immediately because they see your status is free.
  • You spend far more time reading communications than writing them. So InfinityOne is designed around consuming messages; either reading them, or making an informed decision not to read them.
    • Messages in InfinityOne are organized into channels (or rooms), which can be of 4 types.
      1. Public rooms are available for any user to view and post.
      2. Private channels are only available the user who has create the channel, and those users who have been invited into the channel.
      3. Direct message channels allow users to chat with other users. These channels are between two users and are private. No other users can view direct message channels, not even system administrator.
      4. N-way channels are similar to direct message channels but allow more than two people to communicate privately.
    • InfinityOne keeps careful track of which messages you've read, and always places you where you left off.

Next Steps

Once you've figured out the basics, you'll probably want to:

  • Get the desktop app
  • Add an avatar
  • Configure your notifications to work the way you do.
  • Master Slash commands, @ mentions, and Channel references.
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