InfinityOne - Installation Wizard

To access InfinityOne from a web browser, enter 'https://' followed by the IP address or hostname of the UCx Server, then suffix with ' :21326 '.
For example:

Alternatively, InfinityOne can be accessed without the port number and appending a trailing ' /infinityone '.
For example:

The application does not provision any default user when installed for security reasons. Instead, the first time you visit the site in your browser, you will be taken to an installation wizard.

Step 1 - Site URL / Host Name

The first page of the wizard allows you to change the host name / IP address that users will use to access the system.

The field will be prepopulated with the IP/host name that you used to get to the wizard. If this is the same IP/Host that you will use, keep the default. 
However, if you are accessing the application for the first time from an internal IP that users will not normally use, then enter a different value here. The value should be the address used to create links in the outgoing email for invitations, registrations, confirmations, and password resets. 

Step 2 - Administrator Account

The administration account you complete here does not require confirmation. So, once you have submitted the wizard, you can log in right away using the username and password configured here. 

Step 3 - Default Channel

You will also be able to change the name of the first channel (room). The default is “general”. Keep it or change it. 

Step 4 - Sending Email Settings

InfinityOne uses the email server built into the UCx. You can change the name and email address that the emailer will use in the From field of the outgoing emails.

Step 5 - Summary of Your Input

Review the information and click on the SUBMIT button to complete the installation.

Step 6 - Complete

You can now click on the Login Here link to access the InfinityOne application.

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