InfinityOne - Joining rooms

Joining a room

There are several options to join a room or channel.

Your channels are listed on the left-hand pane under CHANNELS(X), where X represents the number of channels you have joined. To view all available channels, click on the "More channels..." link. Click on a channel to preview its contents. If you want to join it, click on the  button.

Clicking on a #room-name reference in any posted message will connect to that room in preview mode. Click on the JOIN button joins the room as described above.

Finally, you can use the join slash command.

/join #room-name

Invited to Join

You can also be invited to a room by someone else. The following options are available to invite someone to a room:

Plus button

Create a new room by clicking the plus  button (to the right of the search box) on the left-side navigation panel.

Near the bottom of the form, you can select user's that will be automatically subscribed to the new room.

Default room

Rooms can be marked as default by an administrator. When a new user creates an account on InfinityOne, they are automatically subscribed to all the default rooms.

Slash commands

Finally, there are three additional slash commands that can be used for inviting users to a room:

/invite @user-name
/invite-all-to #room-name
/invite-all-from #room-name