InfinityOne Release 2 - Accessing the Web Browser Interface

Accessing the InfinityOne interface from a Chrome browser is simple, and is supported on Mac, PC, and Linux platforms. 

Connecting to the InfinityOne Server from a Web Browser

To access the InfinityOne Web Browser interface, enter 'https://' followed by the IP address or hostname of the InfinityOne Server, then suffix with ' :21326/home/ '.
For example:

Note that as of InfinityOne Release 2, the port number used to access the InfinityOne server can be changed during the installation process. If your server is configured to allow support for the InfinityOne mobile application and uses SSL certificates, then you will be required to use the hostname and the port number provided by your System Administrator.

Alternatively, for systems configured without an SSL Certificate, InfinityOne can be accessed without the port number and appending a trailing ' /infinityone/home/ '.
For example:

If the user is not currently logged in to the InfinityOne server (either it is the first time they have connected using that browser, or they logged out of any previous session), then the UCx will redirect the user to the sign-in page as follows:
After logging in, you will be redirected to the Home page of the InfinityOne web interface.  If you were already logged in you will be taken to this page without requiring the previous log-in step.


From this page you can get an overview of InfinityOne and its features by exploring Helpful Links on this page. 

You can also begin using the functionality of the InfinityOne Web Browser interface, refer to the InfinityOne User Guide for more details.