InfinityOne Release 2 - Logging In

Logging in to your first Server

Web/Desktop Interface:

To access InfinityOne from a web browser, enter ' https:// ' followed by the hostname of the UCx Server and then suffix with ' :21326 ' as provided by your administrator.
For example:


Login with your InfinityOne account and the default Home page will be presented. Selecting the Remember Me? checkbox will automatically log you back into the application after closing your browser or after a server restart.

iOS Interface

If this is the first time you have opened the Mobile application, then you will be asked to log in on the initial screen:

Enter the URL provided by your system administrator (in this example and select     Connect    .

You will be presented with a Login page where you will enter your credentials:

(You can also request a password reset or create an account.)

Logging in to Additional Servers

Web Interface

You log into more than one server by using multiple tabs.

Desktop Interface

The Desktop interface allows you to configure additional servers by clicking the "+" icon to "Add organization" on the left-hand side of the interface:
Click on the icons on the left hand side of the interface allows you to switch between servers.  You system administrator may create a specific icon that would replace the InfinityOne circle icon.

To remove servers from your list of servers:

  1. Click on File on the desktop application top menu.
  2. Select Desktop App Settings
  3. Select Organizations
  4. Click Disconnect next to the server url that you wish to remove, and confirm the action.

Mobile Interface

The mobile interface allows you to configure additional servers by clicking the drop-down menu at the top center of the Messages page.
Click on Add Server, and then follow the same process as adding your first server.

You may switch between connected servers using the same drop-down menu.

To remove a server from your server list:

  1. Select the Preferences​  icon
  2. Select Logout from ... (Server Name) at the bottom of the page.