InfinityOne Release 2 - Mobile device User Guide

The InfinityOne Mobile client is a component of E-MetroTel's client communications portal, InfinityOne, providing access to InfinityOne team based messaging, softphone, and file sharing collaboration features. The Mobile Client Interface is a very effective solution for users that want or need flexible mobility for both the InfinityOne messaging and softphone capabilities. It shares many of the capabilities of the Desktop interface:

  • Simultaneously connect to multiple InfinityOne servers
  • Stay logged in, and continue to receive notifications, when you close the main window
  • Application badges to easily see when you have outstanding notifications
  • Native iOS notifications
  • Always-on access to both softphone and messaging

InfinityOne Servers

The mobile client allows you to connect to one or more servers, and log in to your account(s).

Connecting to a server

When you open the InfinityOne Mobile client for the first time, you will see a screen asking for your InfinityOne server address. Enter the host name:port number provided by your administrator and press the Connect button. 


Logging In

You will be required to enter your login credentials provided by your administrator.

You will enter into the Messages (also referred to as the Subscriptions page) where you will see a list of all channels, rooms, and direct messages to which you are subscribed. If this is your first login to the InfinityOne server from any user interface, then typically you will see just the #general channel. If you have used your account previously in either the Web or Desktop interface, you will see the same channels, rooms, and direct messages that you had previously subscribed.

Adding Additional Servers

The InfinityOne Mobile client is able to registered with multiple InfinityOne servers. This allows you to collaborate with your internal corporate users as well as possibly having a mechanism to collaborate with your suppliers or partners who may also have their own InfinityOne server.
To add an additional server, click the server drop-down menu (note that it actually displays the name of your current server) iPhoneServerList.png. You will be presented with the list of connected servers and be able to select Add Server. Enter the hostname and port number of the new server.
The server drop-down menu (iPhoneServerList.png) is used to switch between servers simply by selecting the server you wish to make active, at which point the server name will be displayed at the top of the Messages page.

Logging Out

You may log out of your active account.  Select Preferences (), and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can select Logout from (server name).  Note that this will also remove that server from you list of available servers, and you will have to re-connect with that server before you can log back in.

Using the Migrate Extension function

The Mobile interface has the ability to support multiple mobile device profiles that associate different extensions with the same InfinityOne account.  This is useful if you have two different phone extensions (eg. office and lab) that you wish to be able to use with your mobile device, or you are upgrading from an older mobile device to a new one and want to associate your existing extension on the new device, or you may wish to be able to use the messaging functionality of InfinityOne at times without your phone being active.  Once you have activated an extension on your mobile softphone interface as described in Enable and Register Softphone, then you will be ready to create additional device profiles on your account (InfinityOne creates the first one for you).

In all cases, you will start by selecting the Preferences icon () from the Messages screen, and then select the Phone option.
In the Phone screen, select Migrate Extension
On the Migrate Extension  screen you will have options to CREATE NEW DEVICE or to TAKE OVER A DEVICE....  If you are just starting out, then there is probably only a single entry in the TAKE OVER A DEVICE list, and it will have a checkmark beside it and it will note the assigned extension (102)
.  In this case, then you will select Add my device... 
You will be given a confirmation screen, select Yes.
The TAKE OVER A DEVICE... list has been updated, with the check mark still beside the entry with your device name (Brad iPhone), but it now has no extension assigned.  Navigate back to the previous screen using the icon on the title bar, and then select Phone.  The phone will no longer be registered, and you can use the procedures described in Enable and Register Softphone to add another extension.

If you return to the Migrate Extensions screen, you now see the active entry in the TAKE OVER A DEVICE... list reflecting the new extension (106)
You are now able to switch back and forth between the two device profiles as desired.  If you do not wish to have an extension associated with a profile, simply create the new profile and do not assign an extension to the profile.  If you move to another device and log in with your same InfinityOne account, you will be able to select from any of the profiles you have created.

At any time that you wish to delete a profile, select the Info icon beside the device name, and select Remove This Device.

Navigating the Mobile Client

Messages page

The following is an explanation of the functions available on the Messages page.



iPhoneServerList.png Access the Server list (Identifies active server)


Create a New Channel

Access the Preferences page


Access the Directory (Users and Channels) 


Change the Sort Preferences

iPhoneJoinedChannels.png Open Channels you have joined
iPhoneSoftphoneIcon.png Access the Softphone

Viewing and Managing Channels

If you have been subscribed to multiple channels, rooms, or direct messages, your screen may look like this:

You can easily change the way rooms and channels are grouped and ordered by selecting the Sort Preferences bar iPhoneSort.png.

To access a subscribed channel (or room or direct message), simply select the icon or title to enter the channel.  In this case, the direct message from user1 was selected:

Here is a list of the functions available within a room:



iPhoneBacktoMessages.png Go Back to Messages (and count of Unread Messages)


User Details dropdown and Chat status


Phone Status of User


Search within the Channel 


Message Entry panel

Selecting the Type a message area will activate the mobile client's native text input capabilities.

Selecting the Microphone icon in the Message Entry panel will activate the Mobile client's native speech-to-text capabilities.

Selecting the + in the Message entry panel will open the InfinityOne Input menu: