InfinityOne Release 2 - Set your Avatar

The default avatar is a colored box with the first two letters of the User's username. Personal avatars add a personalized touch to InfinityOne.

To add an avatar:

Web or Desktop interface

  1. Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar is shown)
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select Profile
  4. Click on the upload button (iOneChangeAvatarUploadButton.png) or simply drag and drop the image file into the Avatar upload box.



  5. Click on the SAVE CHANGES button

You may also subsequently change your personal avatar at any time by repeating this procedure. You may switch back to the default "two letter" avatar at any time by clicking on its small icon in the Profile page (it is alwyas retained).

Mobile Interface

Select the Preferences iPhonePreferencesButton_1.png and then select the entry with your username.


Then select Edit at the top of the screen and select the camera icon inside the Avatar box. where you may Take a photo or Choose from library.  Once you have finished, select Save from the top of the screen.