InfinityOne Release 2 - User FAQ

Can we send SMS text messages from this tool?

No. This is a possible future enhancement.

Can you control the audio notification?

You can control the some aspects of the audio notifications under your account preferences and via the notification settings  for a specific room (See Notifications). There is no volume control.

How is the hashtag used here compared to the twitter/instagram/snapchat world?

In InfinityOne, the hashtag is used to indicate that you are referencing a room.  It is used when creating a room (eg. typing "/create #FAQ" would create a room called "FAQ"), or to provide a shortcut to another room in a message or channel (eg. "@user1, check out the information in #FAQ!", would allow user1 to click the room name FAQ from within the received message and jump directly to the FAQ room).

How do I delete a direct message channel?

User's cannot delete direct message channels. You can hide the channel so that it does not appear in your DIRECT MESSAGES list.

Please talk to your administrator. They can delete any channel, including direct message channels.