InfinityOne - Roles and Permissions

Note: The default Permissions settings for the roles are included at the bottom of this page.

You can create new roles or change permissions to the various roles under Administration -> Permissions

Changing a User's Role

Note that users will automatically assume new roles as they create and delete channels (eg. once an account with user permissions creates a new room, they will have owner permissions for that room).

There may be times when you want to manually change a users' role, or add additional roles to that user. For example, if you have a user who initially is created with guest permissions (the default) and you want to upgrade them to regular user role so that they have more capabilities (such as creating rooms).

This is also useful for transitioning ownership of a room from en exiting employee to a new owner, or for adding a Moderator to a room.

To change permission for a user:

  • Navigate to the Administration -> Permissions page.
  • Click the role name at the top of the any of the role columns. (e.g. admin, moderator, etc.)
  • A new page will be presented, search for user(s).
  • Add user(s) to the role.

Default Permissions Settings



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