InfinityOne - Run the Installation Wizard

If you have installed an SSL certificate per the Pre-Requirements section guidelines in order to support the InfinityOne Mobility user interface, then you will access the InfinityOne Installation Wizard by entering 'https://' followed by the hostname of the UCX Server, then suffix with ' :21326 '. (For example:

If you have chosen not to install an SSL certificate, you may access the InfinityOne Installation Wizard by entering 'https://' followed by either the hostname or IP address of the UCX Server, then suffix with ' :21326 '  In this scenario, you can alternatively access the wizard without the port number and appending a trailing ' /infinityone '. (For example:

The Mobility user interface support in InfinityOne requires the installation of an SSL certificate on the InfinityOne server. For normal installation, this should be installed prior to running the Installation Wizard.

The application does not provision any default user when installed for security reasons. Instead, the first time you visit the site in your browser, you will be taken to an installation wizard where, among other things, you will create the administration account.

Step 1 - Site URL / Host Name

The first page of the wizard allows you to change the host name / IP address that users will use to access the system.

External Access

The External Access section will be used for identifying the host and port information sent to users for registration, account confirmation, and password reset messages. The Host Name or IP Address field will be pre-populated with the public host name or IP address that you used to get to the wizard. If this is the same value that you will use, keep the default. If you have created an SSL Certificate so that you can use the InfinityOne Mobility client, then this Host Name MUST be the same name as used to generate the certificate. However, if you are accessing the application for the first time from an internal IP that users will not normally use, then enter a different value here. The value should be the address used to create links in the outgoing email for invitations, registrations, confirmations, and password resets. 

You may configure a Port Number in the Wizard that will be used in the InfinityOne network address embedded in email invitations for new users.  The InfinityOne server continues to use port 21326, but changing this port number allows the network administrator to set up port mapping between the internet and the InfinityOne server. 

Local LAN Access Fallback (Release 3)

The Local LAN Access Fallback information allows the communication between the InfinityOne server and user devices in scenarios where the information in the External Access section cannot be resolved by the user devices. For example, many routers do not allow "hairpin connections" i.e. getting a connection request to a url or host name that resolves to the router's own external internet address. In this scenario, the InfinityOne devices would then attempt to connect to the Hostname IP address identified in this section. A hostname can be used if there is an internal DNS server that can resolve to an internal address.

Step 2 - Administrator Account

The administration account you complete here does not require confirmation. So, once you have submitted the wizard, you can log in right away using the username and password configured here. 


Step 3 - Default Channel

You will also be able to change the name of the first channel (room). The default is “general”; you may keep this name or change it. 

Step 4 - Sending Email Settings

InfinityOne uses the email server built into the UCX for sending invitations and password reset notifications. (Refer to Remote SMTP for configuring the SMTP parameters.) 


Email Settings

You can change the From Name and From Email Address that the email will use in the "From" field of the outgoing emails.

@bot Email

You can specify the email address used by the "bot" account. The "bot" account is used for sending Queue Report emails.

Business Address

This section allows you to fill in details that will be populated in emails from the InfinityOne server to users. Providing this information increases the likelihood of email messages successfully passing through email spam filters (but does not guarantee it). This information can also be entered in the Administration/General/Email Settings section of the InfinityOne administration settings. If your users do not see messages that they are expecting to see from the InfinityOne server,  have them check their spam folder and make any required adjustments to the email settings.

Step 5 - Summary of Your Input

Review the information and click on the SUBMIT button to complete the installation.


Step 6 - Success and Restart

You can now click on the Login Here link to access the InfinityOne application.

Step 7 - Confirm the Restart

You will need to confirm the restart.


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