InfinityOne - SSL Certificate Bypass

Temporary Bypass of SSL Certificate verification

In the case when a system administrator wishes to evaluate the InfinityOne mobile client user interface capabilities without going through the overhead of coordinating with the IT organization for the purchase, configuration, and installation of SSL certificate on the InfinityOne server, InfinityOne can be configured to not verify the SSL certificate credentials when a mobile client connects to the system.

WARNING: This procedure allows a temporary bypass of the SSL certificate requirement.  It has been added in order to simplify the installation process for customer trial and evaluation implementations.  However, it reduces the level of security in the solution as it does not authenticate the client-server connection and does not encrypt the transmission, and should not be used for long term deployment. Also note that this setting is not related to the Self-Signed SSL Certificate capability supported by the UCX.
  1. Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar are shown)
    Select: Administration -> Chat General
  2. Under REST API heading, click on the EXPAND button.


  3. Select True and then Save Changes


As a reminder that the configuration is not secure and should not be used for long term applications, the InfinityOne mobile client users will receive a message on their screen when they initially log in to the server and during subsequent usage. This will be normal operation in this mode:

Initial Server Login:

User Login:

Note that if an Mobile client user is connected and actively viewing an account on a server that has enabled the Temporary Bypass functionality and attempt to connect to add a new server connection, they will receive the same warning message. However, they will be able to add the server, and if it has a properly configured SSL certificate they will not continue to get those messages while viewing that server information.
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