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INFO panel
ROOMS panel
USERS panel

INFO panel

To view the INFO panel, click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar are shown), select Administration -> Info.


On a newly installed system, you will see the following:

  • Two users already configured, one identified as online, and one offline.
  • There should also be a total of one room, which is corresponds to the total of one channel.
    (Total Rooms = Total Channels + Total Private Groups + Total Direct Message Rooms)
  • The System Information may vary depending on your particular UCX platform, however this is how you can track your system up-time and disk space usage.
  • The Push Notification server status is provided. The Push Notification server is used to send certain messages to mobile devices.

ROOMS panel

To view the ROOMS panel, select Administration -> Rooms.


On a newly installed system:

  • There should be a single room shown, with the same name as assigned in the Installation Wizard (the default is general) and just a single user.

USERS panel

To view the USERS panel, select Administration -> Users

On a newly installed system, there should be two users shown:

  • The first will be the administration account you created in the Installation Wizard.
  • The second is the "Bot" account. This account is used internally within the InfinityOne system to complete various tasks. For example, when you invite others to a conversation in a direct message, InfinityOne uses the Bot account to create a private channel with the two Direct Message accounts as well as anyone included in the invitation.
DO NOT DELETE the BOT account as it will create issues in the ongoing operation of InfinityOne!
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