InfinityOne - Wallboard Application

Feature Description

The InfinityOne Wallboard application is designed to give a summary of the call centre operation in real time. This application is mainly implemented to display various statistics from the call operation among Agents belonging to a certain queue. The statistics that are displayed on the wallboard application are:

  • Total Calls: Total number of calls is obtained by adding calls that have been answered, calls that are presently in the queue and the calls that have been abandoned
  • Answered Calls: The total number of calls that have been answered by the agents
  • Calls Waiting: Total number of Calls that are presently waiting in the queue
  • Abandoned Calls: Total number of Calls that entered this specific queue but the caller disconnected before being answered by an agent
  • Abandoned Percentage: Total Percentage of abandoned Calls that entered this specific queue.
  • Longest wait in Queue: Longest time a call has waited in the queue before being answered by an agent or the caller abandoned the call
  • New Voice Mails: Total number of voice mails in the specified mail box.

The following information regarding Agents are also displayed, while they are established on a Queue or Non Queue call. This information is displayed for all agents belonging to the Queue selected.

  • Agent ID: This is the Extension of the agent configured on the Asterisk Manager Interface
  • Name: This is the name of the Agent
  • CLID: Caller ID information
  • Status: Status of the call, like Idle, Not Ready, Not Available, On Call etc.
  • Call Type: Type of the call established, like CC or Non CC call.
  • Duration: This is the duration of time the agent is on a call or sitting idle


The InfinityOne Wallboard application is included as part of InfinityOne. It is a licensed feature and is available to the InfinityOne administrator once the license is installed on the UCx Server.


Upgrade your UCx server to the latest software version. (See Software Update for details on how to upgrade your software.)

The Wallboard application requires a license with access to the application. First obtain the license and then install the license key.

The InfinityOne package is installed on the UCx Server.

There should be one or more queues configured with one or more agents belonging to each of the queues.

Step One: Install the License

To request for a new license that includes the Wallboard application, perform the following steps:

  1. From the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility, navigate to System -> Licenses -> License Details
  2. Copy the entire Host ID string
  3. Send the entire Host ID string together with the name of your company, the Asset number and the desired license to [email protected].

Once you receive the new license, perform the following steps:

  1. From the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility, navigate to System -> Licenses -> Enter License
  2. Copy the entire license string provided by E-MetroTel in the License String field and press the Save button to activate the license.

Step Two: Install the InfinityOne package

If InfinityOne is already installed on the system, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, go to InfinityOne - Installation and Setup and follow the instructions to install and configure InfinityOne.

Step Three: Enable Wallboard application

To enable the Wallboard application:

  • Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar is shown) 
  • Select Administration -> Wallboard
  • Click the Wallboard Enabled -> True button
  • Update Wallboard Navigation Title as desired
  • Select the Show Chart option
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button

Step Four: Join Queues

After the Wallboard application has been enabled, you have to logout of InfinityOne and log back in to see the option for WALLBOARD QUEUES appear in the left navigation panel.

Click on More Wallboard Queues ... to see the list of available queues to join.

Click on the queue number to preview the real time statistics of the queue.
If the option to Show Chart is set to False, then the pie chart will not be displayed on the Wallboard display.
Click on the JOIN button at the bottom of the page to subscribe to this queue.

All your subscribed queues will appear on the left navigation panel.
Click on a queue to see the display for that queue only.
Click on All to see all the subscribed queues on one page.