InfinityOne - Wiki Pages

The Wiki Pages (Pages) feature allows users to create and share static pages. Pages are created in the Markdown language.

Pages behave similar to channels in that they can be subscribed to. A user's subscribed Pages are listed under the Pages heading on the left navigation panel.

Enable the Wiki Pages Feature

Wiki Pages as disabled by default. To enable Wiki Pages:

  • Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar is shown) 
  • Select Administration -> Wiki Pages 
  • Click the Wiki Pages Enabled -> True button
  • Click the Enable Page History -> True button
  • Change the Wiki Pages Navigation Title if desired.
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button

It is recommended that Enable Page History be enabled as instructed above.

  • When enabled, every page edit is recorded
  • Page owners can review changes and revert to an earlier version if desired
  • Page history is maintained as saved differences, and therefore, does not consume significant disk space

Future Enhancements:

  • Option to use different ‘markup’ languages for editing pages
  • Option to select the default ‘markup’ language
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