iOne - Desktop User Guide

The desktop application may provide a better experience than using a browser. The application has a number of additional features over a web browser:

  • Simultaneously connect to multiple InfinityOne servers
  • Stay logged in, and continue to receive notifications, when you close the main window
  • Application badges to easily see when you have outstanding notifications
  • Native desktop notifications
  • Configure the application to automatically start on system startup
  • Remember the window's last position and restore on startup
  • And more options...

Connecting to a server

When you open the InfinityOne client for the first time, you will see a screen asking for your InfinityOne's server address. Enter the host name or IP address provided by your administrator and press the Connect button.

There is no need to add ' https:// ' in the case where your server is running a secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocol.

Connecting through a Proxy

To configure a proxy, click the settings  button and select the Network menu. Click the Connect servers though a proxy switch and enter the proxy information. Click Save to continue.

Application Shortcuts

The InfinityOne desktop application has a number of keyboard shortcuts for your convenience. To view these shortcuts, click the settings SETTINGS button and select the Shortcuts menu.

Scroll through the list to review all the shortcuts available for your operating system.

Display and Notification preferences

To modify your display and notification preferences, click the settings SETTINGS button and select the General menu.

Add a New Server

To add an additional server, click the add server Add Server button on the left panel.
This will present the Add Server page.
Enter the host name or IP address of the new server.

Exit any of the Settings Pages

To exit a settings page and return back to the InfinityOne application, click on any of the server Server Button buttons.

Note The back button is used to navigate back in the main InfinityOne window. It does not work for the settings pages.

Auto Updates

When the application is first started, it checks for a new version. If one is available, it will be automatically downloaded. Once downloaded, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to update and restart the client.

Click the Update and Restart button to update immediately, or click the Update Later button to postpone the update.