MGC Tools

MGC Faceplate Display

You can check the MGC four-character LED faceplate display for diagnostic information during bootup and normal operation. Normally, it will display the configured loop and shelf number (LLLs).

LED display during MGC boot

When the system boots, the diagnostic information from the hardware and firmware sanity tests appears on the faceplate. The messages that appear on the four-character LED display during MGC bootup are shown in the following table.

MGC faceplate startup codes:

BOOT This is the first message displayed.
POST Power on self test.
PASS Power on self test pass.
EXXX Error code where XXX is a numeric value. An error code appears if a serious system error is detected.
LOAD Application software is loading.

In normal operation the messages appear in the following order: BOOT, POST, PASS, LOAD.
If a fatal self-test error occurs, then PASS and LOAD do not appear. Instead an error code appears.


LED display during MGC normal operation

During normal operation, the four-character LED displays the superloop and shelf number of the MGC. If an error occurs that requires a diagnostic message to appear, then the display cycles between displaying the cabinet number and the error code. Each item appears for 20 seconds. The following table shows the messages that appear.

MGC faceplate normal operation / error codes:

EXXX Error code where XXX is a numeric value. An error code appears if a serious system error is detected.
LLLS IPMG super loop and shelf number where LLL is the superloop number and S is the shelf number. For example, 032-0 or 120-1.

Note: Although this appears to be four characters, the superscript shelf digit is a special character [that is, 0 and 1] defined internally to the MGC to ensure it looks different from the loop designators.

E001 A 96 port daughter board is installed in DB position 2, this is not supported. Re-install it in position 1.
E002 Unable to send registration request to call server.
E003 Link down to call server.
E004 Daughter board is not registered with call server.

MGC Commands

The following table is a list of useful commands available on the MGC. The user must be logged into the LDB shell on the MGC to use these commands.

dbhwshow Display the model and revision numbers for installed DBs.
diskshow Display the total, used, and available disk space on the internal flash card.
displayshow Display the information currently showing on the faceplate display, eg loop and shelf.
dspnumshow <status> Display the number of DSP channels for each DSP DB in the specified mode.
dspchanstateshow List the state (busy, idle, disabled, or unequipped) for all channels on the DSP DBs.
dsphwcheck Perform a basic DSP hardware diagnostic check, testing for any hardware failures.
ethportshow Display the Ethernet port settings for the external and internal interfaces.
help Displays available help commands. eg, help vgw for help on vgw/dsp commands.
macshow Display all MAC addresses associated with the Ethernet ports (both internal and external) on the embedded Ethernet switch.
memshow Display the total, used, and available RAM memory on the card.
mgcdbshow card_number Display information about the DSP DB.card_number can be 0, 11, 12, or 13.
mgcinfoshow Display configuration, including IP addresses, uptime, registration status, and superloop information.
mgcsetup Prompts you with the current IP Address Settings and allows you to make changes.
mspversionshow Display MSP Device type, ARM code, Voice DSP Revision, and T.38 version.
ommshow Print the current OM data to the console.
reboot Reboots the MGC.
swversionshow Display the software version.
vgwshow Show information about busy channels.
vgwshowall Display information about all channels.

Procedure to reset MGC password

The password can be reset on MGC with telnet connection to MGC card ELAN IP address or through a serial port connection. This procedure will not work through SSH connection.

This procedure requires easy physical access to MGC card, as the reset button on faceplate of MGC card needs to be pressed.

This is the login prompt through a telnet connection to MGC card's ELAN IP address:


  • With telnet connection, type CTRL+ldb to get the following prompt:

LDB login on /pty/pty00.S

Username: resetPWD

  • Type resetPWD at Username: prompt as shown above.
  • PWRD will be displayed on the MGC faceplate display.
  • Enter admin2 for userID.
  • Press the reset faceplate button on MGC card within 60 seconds.
  • Press the ENTER key on keyboard within 60 seconds.
  • Enter new PWD2 password twice.
  • Enter new PDT2 password twice.
  • Login to MGC with login: PDT2 and newly set password.


* WARNING:  All attempts to use the Password Reset Mechanism    *

*           are logged.  In order to proceed, you will need     *

*           physical access to the Call Server.                 *


If you do not wish to proceed, enter the word QUIT, otherwise

enter the PWD2/Admin2 userID:  admin2

You have 60 seconds to push the reset faceplate button 

You have 60 seconds to press ENTER:

Enter   new PWD2 password:

Reenter new PWD2 password:

Enter   new PDT2 password: 

Reenter new PDT2 password:

### PWD2 password successfully changed. ###

### PDT2 password successfully changed. ###