Omnichannel: Administration Settings

Omnichannel Settings

  1. From the Welcome page, click on the Configuration Menu button (3 dots) on the top right-hand side of the page:
  2. Select Administration where you will land on the Info page:
  3. Click on Omnichannel in the Settings subsection:
  4. The following top-level settings are available:
    • Omnichannel Enabled: Controls whether any of the Omnichannel capabilities can be used. Default = Enabled 
    • Request comments when closing conversation: Forces the Agent to include a comment for internal use prior to being able to close the session with the Guest. Default = Enabled
    • Accept new omnichannel requests when the agent is idle: Controls when Guests can initiate a new conversation request. Default = Enabled
    • File Uploads Enabled: Controls whether or not files can be shared over a conversation between an Agent and a Guest. Default = Enabled
    • Livechat sub-menu: A drop-down list of all characteristics of the Livechat behavior (see Configuring Livechat settings below)
    • Routing sub-menu: Controls how new requests are routed through the Omnichannel system. Currently this is limited to "Manual".

Configuring Livechat settings​​

  1. In the Administration / Omnichannel settings page, click on the Livechat dropdown menu:

    The following Livechat-specific settings are available:

    • Livechat Title: The name of the Livechat browser window that shows up on the Guest's webpage.
    • Livechat Title Background Color: Sets the color of the Livechat browser window.
    • Enable message character limit: Allows a maximum message size in the Livechat window. Default = Disabled.
    • Livechat message character limit: Sets the maximum message size in the Livechat window. Default = 0.
    • Display Offline Form: Change this setting if you wish to allow the form to display even when no Agents are online.
    • Offline Form Unavailable Message: A message that can be displayed to website Guests when no Agents are online and the Display Offline Form is Active.
    • Title: The title of the Offline Form window when displayed on the website.
    • Color: Set the color of the Offline Form. This allows the Guest to be aware that the Livechat service is offered, but discern that it is currently offline.
    • Email Address to Send Offline Messages: The target email address to send Offline Messages.
    • Offline Success Message: The message displayed to the Guest when an Offline Message is sent.
    • Allow Guest to Switch Departments : Guests are able to switch to different departments for help. 
    • Show agent information: Displays the name of the Agent that has accepted the communication request to the Guest.
    • Show agent email: Displays the email address of the Agent that has accepted the communication request to the Guest.
    • Show Pre-registration Form: Forces the Guest to provide items such as name and email address and the desired department prior to being able to send a message.
    • Show name field:  Include the Name field on the pre-registration form.
    • Show email field: Include the Email field on the pre-registration form.
    • Registration Form Message: Provide the message sent post registration. 
    • Send Livechat offline messages to a channel: Choose to have messages from Guests sent to an InfinityOne channel when all Agents are offline.
    • Channel Name: The name of the InfinityOne channel to be used for offline messages.

​Configuring Routing settings​​

  1. ​​​​In the Administration / Omnichannel settings page, click on the Routing dropdown menu:
    The following top-level settings are available:
    • Omnichannel Routing Method: Currently, Manual Selection is the only available option.
    • Accept with No Online Agents: Change this setting if you wish to allow Guest connections even when no Agents are online.



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