Optimizing Trunk Settings

This page describes the steps to optimize and tune the DAHDI (Analog) trunks on your UCx system.

If you are having echo issues on a Galaxy Mini with FXO ports, please verify that Enable Echo Canceling is activated in the PSTN Cards - Settings Dahdi configuration, and that is set to 512 taps (as a starting point), and then proceed to the following steps.

Echo Cancellation

  1. Set the Receive Gain and Transmit Gain values to 0.0
    • ​If your system uses software release 4.5 or newer, go to PSTN Cards - Settings and open Global Settings
    • If your system uses software release 4.0, go to PBX -> Tools tab and use Configuration File Editor to edit the file chan_dahdi.conf
  2. Start a SSH session to your UCx server (e.g. use PuTTY) and login as admin.
  3. Execute the command ucx_ectune x where x is the number of ports to test starting from port 1 to port x. For example, if you have a 4-port card, enter the command ucx_ectune 4 to test all 4 ports. If you have a 8-port card, entering the command ucx_ectune 5 will test the first 5 ports, where the leftmost port on the card is port 1.

This will stop the Call Processing Service and place the system out of service for approximately 1 minute per trunk.  It will then reboot the system. We recommend you do this during a service/maintenance window.

Delay in Handling Incoming Calls

With analog trunks, the system is configured to wait for the caller ID for up to 8 seconds before continuing; this could be the first two rings. If you do not have caller ID on your trunks, you should disable Use Caller ID.

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