Release Notes - UCx - Version 4.0 Maintenance 1

UCx Release 4.0 Maintenance 1

Type Key Description
Improvement UCX-1820 MDSE service - add option to restart with diagnostics
Improvement UCX-1930 Scheduled Announcements - add support for multiple schedules
Improvement UCX-2073 Batch Configuration - delete all extensions to include Nortel extensions
Improvement UCX-2084 UCx20 - add LCD display with 5 buttons to the UCx20 platform
Improvement UCX-2154 Backup - check for available disk space and disable certain options if  there is insufficient space
Improvement UCX-2187 Apply Config - speed up processing of Apply Configuration Changes operation
Improvement UCX-2230 DND - stop audible alerting when DND feature is activated on an incoming call
Story UCX-2058 Conference - allow additional configurable options for adhoc conferences
Story UCX-2075 Update FreePBX on all UCx releases to address security vulnerability CVE 2014-7235
Story UCX-2094 Log File Settings - add new page to allow configuration of log files
Story UCX-2198 Paging - limit the maximum duration of page calls
Story UCX-2210 Update Asterisk to the latest version from Digium (11.15.0)
Story UCX-2211 Voicemail - expose create voicemail hints option on the Advanced Settings page
Story UCX-2221 1230 Nortel IP phone - implement conference and application keys
Story UCX-2222 1140 Nortel IP phone - implement copy and expand keys
Story UCX-2259 Billing – remove a2billing package due to PHP vlunerability in versions 1.9.4-5 or older