Release Notes - UCx - Version 4.0 Maintenance 2

UCx Release 4.0 Maintenance 2 - Enhancements

Key Description Reference
UCX-2611 Digital Gateway - Optimize display update messages for auto-answer calls N/A
UCX-2155 Features - Implement stamp log (BCM feature 9*9) that can be used by SIP phones StampLog
UCX-2220 Features - Implement Ring Again feature similar to Norstar/BCM /M-1/ CS1000 Ring Again (Call Back)
UCX-2320 Features - Make Ring Again feature available for extensions with FMFM to an external destination Ring Again (Call Back)
UCX-2335 PBX Configuration - Add support for 12xx series 18 button KEM Adding a Nortel Extension
UCX-2306 Queue Reports - Enhance realtime report to be similar to Nortel BCM realtime display UCx Call Center Reporting Guide
UCX-2371 Queue Reports - Add capability to change colors for the differrent states in Realtime display UCx Call Center Reporting Guide
UCX-2409 Queue Reports - In Realtime report, separate total calls by queues when Group Queues is unchecked UCx Call Center Reporting Guide
UCX-2298 Support - Enhance packet capture to reduce hard disk space usage Packet Capture
UCX-2315 System - Replace "Email" with "Packet Captures" in Dashboard - Hard Drives - Directory report Dashboard
UCX-2400 System - Improve handling of log file rotation to optimize disk space usage N/A
UCX-2435 System - Show network link information on Network Parameters page Network Parameters
UCX-2448 System - Reduce DNS timeouts when there is a bad DNS server or a temporary network outage Network Parameters
UCX-2449 System - Chceck and report if DNS services are unavailable before proceeding with operations that use DNS N/A
UCX-2450 System - Allow IP phones to register with UCx over Cisco VPN N/A
UCX-2597 System - Change the storage of log files from 5 days to 7 days N/A
UCX-2350 Trunk Providers - Add "Allstream" to the Trunk Provider list Trunk Providers
UCX-1286 Voicemail - Modify voicemail implementation to play greetings if they exist and allow review of the greetings N/A