Root Access to UCx

E-Metrotel's policy on root access to the UCx Server

Control and management of the UCx Server is primarily provided via the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility. Almost all required administrative functions can be done via this Graphical User Interface (GUI).

There are certain operations that will require using the Command Line Interface (CLI). Under these circumstances, the root-only CLI commands are made available to the administrator via the 'sudo' command. 'sudo' allows the admin user to execute a command as root. The list of commonly used sudo commands are listed in the table below.

Sudo commands
Command Description
sudo /sbin/service httpd restart To restart httpd service without impacting telephony services. Httpd service is responsible for the UCx management GUI.


The UCx Server is based on the Linux operating system, therefore the admin account has access to many Linux shell commands from the CLI. In general, the admin account can execute CLI commands that do not interfere with the functioning of the UCx Server or pose a security risk.

E-MetroTel does not provide root access to the UCx Server. If an administrator needs to perform a function that is not available through the Web-based Utility or CLI admin account, a ticket needs to be opened with the E-MetroTel support team. Support will determine whether to perform the operation on behalf of the administrator or request an enhancement to make it available via the GUI or CLI.


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