Setting up UCx for Call Center Administration

1. Overview

To keep a Call Center running smoothly 24x7, there are several maintenance tasks needed for the Call Center system:

  • Regular scheduled backups
  • Storage for call recordings
  • Maintenance of queues, agents and access to reports

The following sections describe the functions available on the UCx system.



2. Backup of Call Recordings

2.1. Individual Call Recordings

Call Recordings on the UCx can be backed up on an individual basis from the Call Recordings page. This page allows the user to display call recordings and download individual recordings for backup.

2.2. All Call Recordings

All Call Recordings can be locally backed up and restored using the Backup and Restore feature. These local backup files can then be downloaded manually if required. The back up can also be automatic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When automatic backups are enabled, the backup process is started at 23:59 on the day that corresponds to the selected option. Each day for the Daily option, Sunday for the Weekly option and the 28th of the month for the Monthly option. Backups can be configured to use the UCx local hard drive or a USB drive. The USB Drive must have the directory backup and be connected to the UCX system.

2.3. Backup to External Server

All Call Recordings can be automatically backed up to an external server by use of the Enhanced Archive feature. The backup can be scheduled for Hourly or Daily. For Daily options the user must configure the hour of day the backup will occur. No recordings are deleted from the UCX system during a backup. There is no restore capability. The user must provide an FTP server on which the backup will be stored.

3. Deleting Call Recordings

Call Recordings can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. Monitor the hard drive space usage on your UCx via the Dashboard page.

Maintain your hard drive usage at a reasonable level by deleting call recordings via the Call Recordings page. Options are available to delete individual selected recordings or ALL recordings that match the filter.

The Delete function is only available to users that are members of the Administrator group.

4. CDR Reports

The UCx system provides Call Detail Reports for phone calls. The CDR Report page displays the Call Detail Record report. All records are available to members of the Administrator and Supervisor groups but other users only see calls associated with their extension. The page gives the ability to filter the output to display only those records of interest and allows for the deletion of records. Reports can be downloaded in CSV, spreadsheet or PDF formats.

4.1. External Access to CDR records

The External CDR Interface is a licensed application used to gain external access to CDR records. The application gives a simple method of allowing read only access to CDR records from a remote server. Data is accessed with a standard MySQL client or third party application. The External CDR Interface application has the following attributes:

  • Configuration is done through the UCWeb-based Configuration Utility
  • A user name and password can be configured with remote read only access privileges to the CDR records
  • Remote access can be enabled and disabled

For more detailed information refer to External CDR Interface Application and  External CDR Interface.