SIP - Release Notes

Blind Transfer issue

Fix in firmware load and

  • Blind transfer using ## fails if a previous transfer attempt was cancelled.
  • Default admin password will be changed to 363870835 (emetr0tel) if factory reset is performed on this load.

No-touch conversion to XSTIM

Fixed in firmware load

The new XSTIM - No Touch Cloud Provisioning tool can be used to convert a phone from SIP to XSTIM.

Audible Alert for BLF

Fixed in firmware load

With Audio Alert for BLF Pickup enabled:

  • When idle, BLF alert gives a 2 second ring tone
  • When on a call, BLF alert gives a 2-beep tone

PREFIX followed by BLF fails when using handset

Fixed in firmware load

When activating a feature using the PREFIX key followed by the BLF key, the operation fails if the action is initiated by picking up the handset.
For example:

  • Configure a PREFIX key with value *80 (voicecall feature code) and a BLF key for extension XXX.
  • Pickup handset, press PREFIX key followed by BLF key.
  • Expected result: voicecall (intercom) is made to extension XXX.
  • Actual result: the *80 feature code is dropped, call is made to extension XXX instead.


  • Press PREFIX key followed by BLF key, then pick up handset.
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