Telus SIP Trunk

Trunk Setup Information

Telus provide the following parameters in the information sheet provided to their SIP Trunk account users.

Registration Info:
Trunk Pilot / BTN: 1234567891   (account specific ten digit string)
SIP Domain:
Authentication Username = 1234567890     (account specific ten digit string)
Authentication Password PaSsW0rdfROmTeLuS     (account specific Alphanumeric string)
SIP Proxy Address:

Channels: n (account specific number of channels)
DIDs: 1234567891, 1234567892

Turn on SRV Lookup
The PAI Header must be Pilot/BTN  =
CPE PBX send Register Request to SIP Proxy Address


Building the Trunk using SIP Trunk Assistant

The configuration below shows the settings for a Telus SIP trunk using the IP Trunk Assistant tool. 


Account Name: Create a unique entry for to identify the Telus SIP trunk on the UCX
Trunk Provider: Choose Custom
User Name: Use the 10 digit Authentication Username supplied by Telus (see above)
Secret: Use the Authentication Password supplied by Telus (see above)
Outbound CallerID: Use the 10 digit Pilot /BTN supplied by Telus (see above)
Type: peer
Qualify: yes
Insecure: very
DTMF Mode: rfc2833
Technology: SIP
Can Reinvite: no

Send RPID: no

Trust RPID: yes
ICE: no
Host / IP: (one of the proxy addresses provided by Telus - see above)
Context: from-trunk
Disallow: leave blank
Allow: leave blank
From User: one of the DIDs provided by Telus - see above)
From Domain: (the SIP Domain provided by Telus - see above)


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