Trunk Configuration

The UCX server supports 5 different Telephony Trunk technologies and one Custom Telephony Trunk type. As part of the planning process you will need to identify the types of trunks that will be used for calls external to the UCX system and the number of trunks required that will support the expected inbound and outbound call volumes. Trunk Traffic Engineering is beyond the scope of this document.

Each provider is different and requires different configuration settings. It is recommended that you use the Trunk Providers page to configure the known SIP trunk providers listed below:

  • Skype
  • Broadvox
  • Flowroute
  • SIP Afinity
  • SIPgate
  • SIPmly
  • SoTel

For other SIP trunk providers, please see the section SIP Trunk Configuration (verified SIP providers) in this document for several examples of SIP and IAX2 trunk configurations.