UCx50E Hard Drive Replacement Guide

Step One: Getting the UCx50E ready

Power down the UCx50E and unplug all cables from the box.

Remove the top cover from the UCx50E by removing 4 screws located at the 4 corners.

Remove the metallic plate holding the (SSD) hard drive by removing 4 silver screws located in the 4 corners of the plate.

The UCx50E is now ready for the next step.

Step Two: Remove and Replace the SSD (hard drive)

The SSD is attached to the metallic plate. First unplug the two connectors from the SSD.

Loosen the 4 screws holding the SSD to the metallic plate .

Replace it with the new SSD, secure with the original 4 screws. Plug the 2 connectors back into the SSD.

Place the metallic plate with the SSD back into the UCx box and secure with the original 4 silver screws.

Place the top cover back onto the UCx box and secure with the original 4 black screws.

Power up the UCx server.