Voicemail can be enabled for each extension on the UCx system, including virtual extensions.

This feature must first be enabled by the Administrator from the Extensions page, then each user can configure their own options from the User Portal (See User Portal for details).


To set up Voicemail, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Extensions
  4. From the list on the right hand side, select the extension that you want to enable Voicemail
  5. Scroll down to the Voicemail section
  6. Voicemail is disabled by default, change the Status to Enabled
  7. Once enabled, the Voicemail Password field is automatically populated with the default password.
The default password is 829 plus the extension number. For example, if the extension is 501, then the password is 829501. If the extension is 5432, then the password is 8295432.
The display of the password can be masked or unmasked. This is configured in the Advanced Settings page, Voicemail module section.
The voicemail system considers the mailbox uninitialized when the password matches the default password or the extension number. It is highly recommended that users DO NOT set the password to be the same as the extension number.

The rest of the fields are optional, they are used to configure the behavior of your voicemail feature.

Email Address

Email address that Voicemail is sent to. If you wish to specify multiple recipients, separate the email addresses by spaces. This field supports up to a maximum of 160 characters.

Pager Email Address

Pager or Mobile email address that short Voicemail notifications are sent to.

Email Attachment

Option to attach Voicemail to email.
Play CID Read back caller's telephone number prior to playing hte incoming message, and just after announcing the date nad time the message was left.
Play envelope Controls whether the system will play the message envelope (date/time) before playing the message. This setting does not affect the operation of the envelope option in the advanced voicemail menu.

Delete Voicemail

If set to Yes, the Voicemail will be deleted after having been emailed.

Must have Email Attachment set to Yes, otherwise your messages will be lost forever.
Instant Access When enabled, the password prompt is skipped whne dialing into an extension's voice mailbox directly from the extension.
VM Options Additional options can be specified in this field that will override the system level settings. Separate the options with pipe ( | ). For example: tz=Eastern|maxmessage=60.
See Voicemail Settings page for details on the various options.
VM Context Normally set to the value default. Do not change unless you understand the implications.
Busy Message If you want to use a system recording as the busy message, select the system recording file from the list.
See System Recordings page for details on how to create a system recording.
Unavail Message If you want to use a system recording as the unavailable message, select the system recording file from the list.
See System Recordings page for details on how to create a system recording.


Remind users to follow the prompts to record their greetings when they first log into voicemail from their phone.

Video Tutorial

Self Assessment Quiz

  1. Which two fields do you need to configure for the UCx system to send new voice messages to a user's email address?
  2. What is the default password for a user's voicemail box?
  3. Is it good practice to set the password to be the same as the extension number?