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Infinity 5000 desktop devices are loaded with E-MetroTel’s XSTIM firmware. XSTIM is smart VoIP technology that allows for signalling communication between the device and the server and provides smart features unavailable with SIP. XSTIM reduces complexity, allows for remote provisioning & support, and survivability with our SRG solution. 

XSTIM also allows you to hotdesk and temporarily move your device programming over to another device when you are working at another location. It allows for a single license to register your Infinity 5000 device and your InfinityOne softclient via hotdesking which is a great cost saver.

New Features and Enhancements

New feature to increase the receive volume of handset/headset/handsfree (applicable to 5004, 5008, 5010-Silver, 5010W models). The new parameters are found under Setting -> Preference page:

  • Handset extra loud (0dB | +2dB | +4dB |+6dB | +8dB | +10dB | +12dB)
  • Headset extra loud (0dB | +2dB | +4dB |+6dB | +8dB | +10dB | +12dB)
  • Handfree extra loud (0dB | +2dB | +4dB |+6dB | +8dB | +10dB | +12dB)

New feature to schedule Auto Provision and Firmware Updates based on day and time. The new parameters are found under Management -> Auto Provision page. See XSTIM - Scheduled Auto Provision and Firmware Updates for details.

No-touch Cloud Provisioning Tool (2022 February 01)

Enhancements to the Cloud Provisioning Tool include:

  • New column in the phone list showing Last Modified Date.
  • Phone list sortable by SN Number, MAC Address, Site Name and Last Modified Date.
  • New function to download the XML configuration file.
  • New capability to add custom fields.

Phone menu enhancement

  • Access to basic user functions like Status, Sleep Mode, Wifi and Bluetooth will no longer require the admin password.

Wifi enhancements

  • New factory reset function added to web interface that allows Wifi parameters to be retained on factory reset. Navigate to Management -> Upgrade page, new button "Reset to Factory except Wifi".
  • New shortcut on phone to toggle Wifi ON/OFF - while the phone is idle, press and hold the Transfer  button until you see the Wifi icon appear/disappear at the top of the screen.

No-touch Cloud Provisioning Tool (2021 June 28)

Support for WiFi fields applicable only to the 5010W phone model.
Support for additional Auto Provision fields:

  • AUTO Upgrade
  • Check for upgrade every
  • Upgrade EXP Firmware
  • Screensaver Server URL
  • Wallpaper Server URL

Default admin password changed to 363870835.

  • Settings for the Sleep Mode feature is now configurable. You can change the business hours defined from Monday - Sunday and the timeout periods during office hours and after office hours.
  • New field to control the volume level of the Call Waiting tone.
  • Improvements to sound quality

No-touch Cloud Provisioning

Added support for admin password change.
Added support for VLAN parameters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This firmware load requires a corresponding update on the UCx. Please update your UCx system to the latest software.

Ring cadences for External Calls, Internal Calls and Ringing BLF configured on the UCx under PBX -> PBX Configuration -> Nortel Settings page are now supported. The supported values are:

  • Continuous
  • Short-Long
  • Medium-Medium

New icons are introduced for key features.
Handset volume is improved.
Jitter buffer implementation enhanced.

The following newly supported features are configured on the UCx under PBX -> PBX Configuration -> Nortel Settings page:

  • Held Line Reminder - This is a periodic reminder for external calls placed on hold. The frequency of the reminder tone is configurable.
  • Audible Call Waiting - This is a one-time audible notification tone for call waiting. All 3 options are supported: None, Buzz, Ring. When Buzz is selected, a one-second beep is provided. When Ring is selected, ringing attenuation cycles is provided.

Ringing notification added to headsets.
Headset icon displayed on top of LCD screen when headset is active.

  • The new SERVICES key can be access from the phone by pressing the center OK navigation key when the phone is IDLE. See XSTIM - UCx Services key features for details.

  • Built-in LCD screen protection mechanism. The display backlight will be automatically turned off between the hours of 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM if there is no activity for 30 minutes.

  • Wireless headset support. For a list of supported wireless headsets, see Infinity 5030 Xstim.

Existing XSTIM Features

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